Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

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I’m really excited to share my Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X journey with you! The dermatologist recommended and FDA cleared at home laser uses diode laser technology, just like if you had a professional in office laser hair removal treatment. The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is only effective on very light to medium skin tones with light brown to black body hair. (It actually senses if your hair is too light or skin too deep, and won’t work.) The reason for this is  the laser emits a pulse of light that heats up the dark pigment in the hair follicle and deactivates it. If your skin tone is not within the specified range, it may absorb too much laser light, and result in a burn, scar or discoloration.

Here’s how easy it is to get professional results at home:

  1. Prep your skin by showering, shaving and drying.
  2. Start on a low setting, and work up to the highest tolerable level.
  3. Begin treating the desired area.

Clinical studies show:

  • 70% hair reduction 3 weeks after 2 treatments
  • by two months, there is a visible reduction in regrowth
  • hair appears lighter and finer
  • after 3 months of treatment, deactivated hair follicles will not grow back

Have you tried this device, or any hair removal laser? I’d love to hear your experiences! Stay tuned for my results!

  • Cosmetics Aficionado

    Can’t wait to read about your journey. I would love something to remove unwanted hair lol.

    • Amber

      I am SO excited to try this!! I just did my armpits last night. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s quite easy. I hope it works!!