Why my bank sucks

I keep a close eye on my bank account, with good reason. When I noticed today that I had two over draft fees ($70!!) I hit the roof!
See, my bank has a habit of putting through debit charges before deposits. I had made a deposit days before I used my card. Yet, they still put charges through before the deposit.

Oddly enough, I had gotten notice of a class action law suit against my bank recently, for processing higher charges ahead of lower charges. You know, so they can STEAL other people’s money and charge MORE overdraft fees. Sounds like a legal business practice,no? And moral too!! *eye roll*

I have used this bank for 8 years. That’s 2 babies, one divorce and one marriage, if you’re counting.

Wouldn’t you think I would smarten up and leave?? Or they would provide some kind of customer service?? Nope, I really think TD Bank does not care about their customers. Maybe they are trying to pay off Kelly and Regis for those ridiculously dumb commercials. I don’t know, just a thought…

So, has this happened to you? Are you angry that you are being screwed out of your own money?? I know I’m fed up!!

I’m at the local branch as I type this. Have been waiting 20 minutes to speak with someone. I’m going to take all my money out and hide it under my mattress. Well, not really….
But I AM
closing my account!!

If you are looking for a new bank, I would highly recommend against TD Bank.
If you want more info about the class action lawsuit, please visit this site:
Or call 877-271-1496

Thanks for listening to my rant. Venting always helps!

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