Gelish “Under Her Spell” sneak peek

I’m really excited about the upcoming Fall collection from Gelish, “Under Her Spell.”
I haven’t got my hands on them yet, but it looks like there will be some different colors! I
hope to have swatches up soon for you! Are there any colors calling to you from this

xo Amber

Sparked by the feminine textures of lace and tulle, along with fabrics such as velvet and leather that were prevalent on the fashion runways for the fall season, Danny Haile, CEO and founder of Gelish MINI®, is gearing up to launch the “most seductive and intoxicating gel-color collection of the fall season.” These six captivating colors, now known as the Gelish MINI® Under Her Spell Collection, are expected to be available starting August 2013.

“The power of femininity and sensuality played a big role when it came to choosing the concept and creating the colors,” Haile said. “Ultimately, I wanted the colors to captivate and be strong, yet womanly at the same time.”


Under Her Spell features six new custom-blended colors, each named to evoke the idea of undeniable femininity and sensuality:
• I’m No Stranger to Love: Rich Navy-Teal
• A Touch of Sass: Jeweled Black Cherry
• Love Me Like A Vamp: Jeweled Black Violet
• Want To Cuddle?: Smoky Dark Taupe
• Lust At First Sight: Creamy Greyish Mauve
• My Nightly Craving: Creamy Greyish Pink-Lavender

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