Gentlewoman by Juliette has a Gun cologne

Gentlewoman cologne from Juliette has a Gun*press sample*

I love when niche brands come to Sephora. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have really unique and innovative perfume houses become more accessible to perfumistas everywhere.

Juliette has a Gun is a fragrance house based in Paris and founded in 2006 by Romano RICCI.

My previous experience with Juliette has a Gun is my sample of Lady Vengeance from Olfactif (review HERE). It’s one of my most reached for rose scents. I was thrilled to have the chance to test out Gentlewoman recently. First of all, the presentation of my sample was fantastic! Wrapped up in a bow tie and box! (I have plans to put the bow tie on Max, my black and white kitten. If you aren’t following me on Instagram, you should. Especially if you like cats!)

Juliet has a Gun - Gentlewoman

Gentlewoman is a masculine fragrance, dedicated to women. Fragrance notes include neroli essence, petitgrain, calabrian bergamot, orange blossom absolute, bitter orange, almond essence and a musky wood base.

Gentlewoman from Juliette has a Gun daydreamingbeauty.comHere are my thoughts on the scent. It’s a bright citrus when first applied. It quickly expands into a drier, almost grainy scent, but still keeping the bright citrus in the background. In about 15 minutes, I start to get a warm, sensual and earthy scent. It’s almost resinous, or similar to dragon’s blood. That stage is fleeting, and I’m left with a powdery neroli scent, that’s a bit like a dry sweet wine. I liked the fragrance, and I’m impressed by the complexity. I got a solid four hours of scent on my wrist with a small spritz.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Does this sound like a scent that you’d wear?