Guerlain Teazzurra Perfume

*press sample,affiliate link* Guerlain Teazzurra is a completely unique addition to my ever-expanding fragrance collection. Teazzurra creates a beautiful harmony between vibrant citrus, a sunny herbal, and refreshing green tea with a hint of sweetness. This edt is part of Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria line. The bottle is stunning, with light aqua liquid, and a gold cap with honey comb detailing on the bottle. It’s certainly one of the prettiest bottles in my collection!

top notes: bergamot, lemon, yuzu and grapefruit
middle: green tea, chamomile and jasmine
base notes: musk, vanilla and calone

Calone is a synthetic note composed to produce the light, airy aqua feel of marine, melon and watery fragrances.

Guerlain Teazzurra is soft and comforting to my senses. While wet, this quiet beauty has a sweet citrus vibe, with a softly powdery and floral background. As it dries down, I detect the fresh dry scent of green tea. It feels almost fuzzy, which I assume is the chamomile. It gets a bit sharper and tickles my nose as the jasmine peeks out. The musk and vanilla really never take over this scent, but they seem to help extend the wear time. I can spray one spritz in the morning and still smell it that evening. Teazzurra evokes a childhood memory of my helping my grandmother pull the freshly sun-dried clothes off the line outside. For that reason alone, I would hold this scent dear, however I really have fallen in love with it.

I would describe Teazzurra as a soft green feminine scent that’s cozy and comforting, with a little dash of sunshine. Have you tried this captivating perfume? You can find Guerlain Teazzurra at Nordstrom with a 2.5fl oz edt retailing for $65.

You can see my other favorite Guerlain fragrance here. It’s a more sultry scent, perfect for date night!

  • Erika

    This sounds lovely and the bottle is gorgeous.

    • Amber

      Thanks Erika!

  • BTBAshley

    The bottle is so pretty! It would look perfect on my perfume shelf in my bathroom. I’ll check this out next time I shop for fragrance.

    • Amber

      What are some of your faves?

  • Eugenia

    This sounds like I would LOVE ITT!!!

  • Aleya Bamdad

    Loving the bottle. I like that it has a citrus fragrance.

  • Heather

    This sounds amazing, Guerlain is so great! Love the pictures!

    • Amber

      Thank you!! I think you’d like this one! :)

  • Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    Guerlain always has the prettiest packaging! This fragrance sounds lovely.

    • Amber

      Don’t they? So pretty on my little perfume vanity!

  • BeautyJudy

    This scent sounds amazing!

    • Amber

      I’m in love with it!

  • Justina

    This sounds amazing!

  • Beyond Beauty Lounge

    This sounds like a lovely fragrance.

    • Amber

      Thanks for checking it out! :)

  • marciaf

    Very pretty bottle. I met a woman who has every Guerlain fragrance and who absolutely raves about them.

    • Amber

      I want to visit her!! <3

  • FabZilla_Kath

    This sounds promising. I’m so intrigued!

    • Amber

      Love to hear if you try!


    OMG that bottle! The only Guerlain perfume I have tried is Petite Robe Noir and I love it. I have to sniff this out the next time I hit their counter.

    • Amber

      I have the LPRN eau fraiche and LOVE it!

  • Anastasia

    That sounds like my kind of scent :) I love Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria series and own several scents. Gotta try this one next!

    • Amber

      What others from the Allegoria do you like? I’ll have to check them out!

  • Miranda |

    I want. I need. NOW!

    • Amber

      Let me know if you try it Miranda!

  • jamie @makeuplifelove

    This sounds phenomenal. I NEED this ASAP. I am totally intrigued!!!!

    • Amber

      Thanks for reading Jamie!

  • Laura

    Guerlain is one of my most favorite fragrance companies ever!

    • Amber

      They really know what they are doing with fragrance! :)

  • Nidia Doherty

    This sounds like a fragrance I like, and I do love that bottle. How pretty!

    • Amber

      It’s so feminine and pretty!

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    Jasmine and vanilla (and some other goodies?) I’m in!

    • Amber


  • PrimeBeauty

    This sounds like something I would really like and the bottle is stunning!

    • Amber

      You and I have somewhat similar fragrance taste – I think you’d love it!

  • Honeygirlk

    I have a thing about bottles with gold or rose gold packaging and this one looks so pretty. I love the scent profile of this… it sounds wonderful.

    • Amber

      I think you’d love it!!