KitNip Box – Monthly Kitty Toy Subscription Box

KitNip cat subscription box*press sample, affiliate links*

No, it’s not another beauty box subscription. This one is for my cats. If you spend any time on the blog at all, you know I’m a certified, card-carrying member of the crazy cat ladies club. I was thrilled to be able to review the KitNipBox for May. As were my cats!

KitNip cat subscription box

BRO! We finally got a box for US!!

The KitNipBox comes in several options. You can purchase The Happy Cat box for a single cat, and you will receive 4 or more goodies for $19. The Multi Cat box comes with 6 or more goodies, and costs $29. Shipping is free to the US, $6.95 to Canada, and $7.95 to the UK. They can make other accommodations if you live elsewhere. I found the staff at KitNip to be super helpful, friendly, and responsive.
Aside from the awesome selection of toys and healthy treats we received, the cats (of course) loved the box, tape, and crinkle paper! If the awesome customer service and fabulous toys weren’t enough, each month KitNip partners with organizations, shelters, and rescues in need. May’s box benefits Noah’s Animal House. shelter in Las Vegas.

KitNip cat subscription box

I know you’re dying to see what the kitties got, so here are the contents:

The Vegan Cat / organic catnip chili pepper  (Rocket’s favorite!)

Pet Greens / semi moist ocean fish flavor (Katniss’ favorite!)

Knight Pet / crinkle tail catnip toy

Play-n-Squeak / Scamper Mouse

Catit / Dental Chew toy w/catnip

Petlinks / Flippy Lure feather toy w/catnip (Max’s favorite!)

Petlinks / Zippy Snail catnip crinkle toy

As you can see from the pics, the boys loved the box and paper. Once the fun had worn off with those, they had a blast with the toys! The picture of Katniss looking at Max in disgust pretty much sums up her personality most of the time.

KitNip cat subscription box

She’s too good to play with the toys while we’re around. Because, you know, she IS royalty. *eye roll*

KitNip cat subscription box

Max is the goofy, sweet kitty of the group. He’s so obsessed with his Flippy Lure that he’s ripped all the feathers out of it. He will play with it for hours, and has some sort of weird dance he does standing up. It’s hilarious! Obviously, we have gotten so much enjoyment from watching the cats play with their new toys! I’d love to hear about it if you try KitNip, and cat pics are ALWAYS welcome!! <3


  • Heather

    Katniss is a Queen B that stink face says it all hehehhe so cute, do they have a doggie box too? Potter needs to know heheh

    • Amber

      Yes she thinks she’s the queen alright…haha No, they don’t have a doggie box, sorry Potter!!

  • Bailey_AlltheWords

    This is such a great box! My house is overrun with cat toys already, but maybe one day I’ll give it a go.

    • Amber

      Bailey, I’m pretty sure your cats think there is no such thing as too many toys LOL… ?

  • Kim – Lacquered Geek

    My kitty hasn’t felt like playing with toys (he’s an old lil boy), but when we get any other kitties, then we’ll definitely check this out!

    • Amber

      Thanks for reading about our KitNip Box Kim! Love to you and your kitteh boy!! <3

  • Cassie Tucker

    Your cats make me *wish* we could have a cat, our dog and birds would mutiny if that happened though. Did you ever see those cartoons of where the bird would pack up all of its stuff in a suitcase, put on a fedora, and then fly out the cage? That would be our cockatiel if we got one lol.