Luminess Air Airbrush Cosmetics System

*press sample*

I recently had the chance to try out the Luminess Air Airbrush Cosmetic System. This was my first time ever using airbrush makeup, which felt a little intimidating. I watched an online how-to video, the dvd that came with the system, read all I could and felt more prepared. Getting started was really easy, and straightforward. I had several shade choices to choose from. Swatching to find your color match is easy, just swipe a drop on your jawline like you would any foundation. I was sent shades 2-5 in the Matte Formula. Shade 2 was quite pink toned, and 3 was too peachy/yellow. One of the great things about the Luminess Air system, is that you can customize your foundation color. Once you have some experience using it, Luminess claims it works well for contouring and highlighting as well.

About Luminess Air:

  • natural finish
  • hygienic application
  • lasts up to 10 hours
  • oil and talc free
  • mineral and water based formula, suitable for all skin types

I combined shades 2 and 3 in the cup on the stylus. My first time was a bit messy, as I kept spilling the foundation out of the cup. (Don’t wear a white shirt your first attempt!) The unit is compact, and therefore portable and convenient. I was also surprised at how quiet it is. A good tip is to test it out on white paper before you try your face, to get a feel for the spray throttle. The first pass on my face dried very quickly, and definitely was not looking like enough coverage. The key with airbrush makeup, according to Luminess Air, is to do thin layers to build up the coverage. It was easy to get the hang of it, and once I did four sheer layers, I could see less redness in my face. It feels very sheer, definitely not like the foundations I’m used to wearing.

I found that I couldn’t quite get the coverage I needed, as far as hiding my redness and acne scars. I had to use an additional concealer to get complete coverage. I think this would work well for someone with relatively smooth, and unblemished skin without a lot of redness or scarring. I wouldn’t have a problem with using the system again, but unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to something in the foundation that gave me hives.

While the makeup didn’t work for me, I found the Luminess Air system to be affordable and easy to use. I think it’s a great option if you are interested in trying out airbrush makeup. Below I have swatched the matte shades 2-5, the Soft Rose blush and G1 brightening glow. Luminess offers a huge range of products, from four finishes of the airbrush foundation, blushes, bronzers, airbrush tanning kits and even non airbrush cosmetics.

Have you tried airbrush makeup before? I’d love to hear your experiences! If you’d like a coupon code for 20% off (thru 10/31), leave me a comment below!