How to make an easy epsom salt detox bath, and why you should.

Epsom Salt is one of my favorite natural health and beauty products. What’s not to love? It’s inexpensive (you can get a big bag for about $4 at any pharmacy), it’s easy to use, and you will benefit immediately and long term from using it!

Epsom Salt is made up of magnesium, which your body can actually absorb through your skin. Your skin is your largest organ, and you need to treat it well, just like the rest of your body. :)
Magnesium acts as an electrolyte, supporting your body’s muscles and nerves to keep them functioning properly.

The second ingredient in Epsom Salt is sulfate, which is a mineral salt that contains sulfur. Like magnesium, sulfate is able to be absorbed into your skin. Sulfates stimulate digestive enzymes and support tissue and protein formation in the digestive track, joints and your brain.

If you want to get more bang from your bath, dry brush before you do an Epsom Salt soak. I have more information on that here. Basically, dry brushing helps to exfoliate skin and stimulate your lymphatic system, which in turn helps rid your body of toxins more effectively.

Why should you do an Epsom Salt Soak?

  • easy, effective, inexpensive way to detox
  • it’s all natural
  • increases your magnesium
  • soothes muscle pain and tremors from low magnesium levels
  • great for lymphatic cleansing
  • draws chemicals out of your skin for more effective detoxing

How do you make an Epsom Bath? There are so many versions, but this is what I do. I use between 4 and 6 cups of Epsom Salts in the hottest bath water I can stand. I also use peroxide in my bath. I don’t recommend starting with that much Epsom Salt in your bath, but I do the Epsom/Peroxide bath to help with my Lyme Disease. I’d recommend starting with 2 cups. Make sure you drink plenty of filtered water before, during and after your soak. Lemon water would give you even more detox benefits!

Stay in the bath for 20 minutes or more if you can. I usually do at least 30 minutes. Make sure to use a natural moisturizer when you get out (ie almond oil, pure shea butter or coconut oil), or nothing at all. You just detoxified your skin, and you don’t want to put chemicals back into it!

Try the Epsom Salt baths regularly, and see if you notice the health benefits. I bet you will be hooked! Oh, and if you don’t have time for a full soak, try a foot soak once in a while. That’s beneficial too!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any soaks, or if you have any favorite natural remedies. Let me know in the comments, and please share this post if you’ve enjoyed it!

xo Amber



4 thoughts on “How to make an easy epsom salt detox bath, and why you should.

  1. Allison

    My dad was a big believer in epsom salts, especially for muscle aches etc. I didn’t realize it was a detoxifier and helped increase manganese levels. Interesting. I will give it a try. To answer your question, I’ve been doing the Listerine & vinegar foot soak to remove callouses and dead skin and have had good results with that. I’ll share your post on my FB page. I think others will like this too!
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    1. daydreamingbeauty Post author

      Hi Allison! Thanks for reading! Funny you mentioned the Listerine foot soak. I’ve wanted to try that. I think I saw it on Pinterest. I wasn’t sure if it was worth swiping my hubby’s Listerine, incase it was something that didn’t work. Now I can tell him it was for “blog research purposes” or “beauty research.” Right?! ;)


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