Meet Me At Starbucks, Where Good Things Happen!

*thank you to Starbucks for sponsoring this conversation and video!*
Starbucks - Good Things Happen
I’m a huge fan of coffee, with Starbucks being my favorite. What about you, do you have a favorite Starbucks drink? I’m loving the Cinnamon Dolce latte (soy, no whip) right now. It’s my go-to fall drink of choice!
Starbucks recently filmed an inspiring video about all the special moments shared at Starbucks locations around the world. It was filmed in 28 countries and several continents over the course of ONE day. It’s pretty inspiring to see the good things that happen in Starbucks all around the world! Starbucks is my location of choice for meeting up with friends, colleagues, or family. Check out the video below to see how people come together at Starbucks all around the world!