NYX butter gloss

NYX butter gloss swatches – I’m obsessed!

You may have seen my previous post with 4 of the NYX butter gloss swatches. I absolutely adore these! They are moisturizing, not sticky (not that I mind a sticky gloss!) super pretty and they come in gorgeous colors! I have more swatch pics in different lighting for you! Have you tried these NYX butter glosses? Let me know what your favorite lip gloss brand and shade is in the comments!





The shades from top to bottom in all pics are as follows –
Creme Brûlée – natural peach
Eclair – light mauvey pink
Maple Blondie – coral peachy pink
Merengue – cool lilac
Strawberry Parfait – light fuchsia/raspberry
Tiramisu – rosy brownish pink
Vanilla Cream Pie – watermelon pink/slightly mauve

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