Olfactif Fleurs de Mai

You may have seen last months review of the new niche perfume monthly subscription service, Olfactif.
You know, with the cutest kitten model ever?! If you didn’t see it, click Olfactif April

I received the May sampler last week. The collection is called “Fleurs de Mai” and features floral scents.
Here’s what scents are included:

After My Own Heart (Ineke by Ineke Ruhland) notes: Bergamot, raspberry,crisp greens, lilac, sandalwood, heliotrope and musk.

Initial thoughts: I’ve worn this twice and am absolutely in LOVE!! Lilac is my favorite flower (other than sweet pea!) and it’s a note that is hard to capture without being cloying and “fake” lilac. I have never heard of this perfumer before but I want to learn all that I can. From just this scent, I imagine she is an artistic genius and amazing perfumer! The notes are blended so well together, they just meld. I can’t pick anything specific out, as they swirl together making the perfect spring/summer scent. If you have the chance to sample this, do not hesitate!!

The next scent is Debut (Parfums DelRae by DelRae Roth and Michel Roudnitska) notes: Bergamot, lime, ylang-ylang green leaves, lily of the valley, linden blossom, cyclamen, vetiver, sandalwood and musk.

Initial thoughts: I’ve only tested this once, but I love it as well! It’s very soft and creamy, again the notes are blended so well. Just reading the notes before trying, I was worried it would be a bit sharp. It wasn’t in the least. I think the soft floral creaminess I detect is the linden blossom and lily of the valley. This is a perfect scent if you haven’t tried many niche scents, and don’t want something too unusual as you delve into the unique niche market.

The final sample is Cinabre (Maria Candida Gentile by Maria Candida Gentile) notes: ginger, black pepper, rose biases, Splenens rose, Moroccan rose, benzoin, vanilla, opponax.

I haven’t even sniffed this scent yet, as I’ve been too enamored with the other two scents! Have you tried any niche perfumes? I’d love to hear if you have favorites.

If you would like to read more about Olfactif, please visit them here Olfactif

They have a feature on their website in which they interview the perfumers. This is a fascinating idea, and I have loved getting to know the “nose” behind the perfumes I’ve fallen in love with!

xo Amber

And now, some adorable kitten pics. This is Katniss, who was not very amused with me. I guess she doesn’t like being woken to model with perfume. Humph.

Katniss Olfactif4Katniss Olfactif3Katniss Olfactif2

3 thoughts on “Olfactif Fleurs de Mai

  1. Wow! What a cool sounding club. I’m anxious to see and smell for myself! Love that you can learn about the perfumers on the web site. Let me know abt ‘Cinabre’ when you try it and if you have a favorite of the three. Your pretty model Katniss seems to have a little attitude that your other sweet model does not!! Lol~ Hugs!

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