Red Carpet Manicure Power of the Gem Birthstone Collection

This month Red Carpet Manicure released their Power of the Gem Birthstone collection, with a gel polish to correspond to each stone. I have swatches of Peridot (August) and Opal (October and my birthstone!) to share.
From Red Carpet Mani – Known for their powerful connection to zodiac signs, gemstones have long been revered as a jewel that evokes certain feelings and attributes when worn during its correlating month. Each shade in the collection has been carefully crafted with the finest pearls,
pigments and real genuine crushed gems to reveal brilliant color and shine. Whether you’re partial to your birthstone, or are looking to evoke wisdom or strength, the collection offers these radiant hues:

Garnet (devotion) Capricorn – deep merlot glitter
Amethyst (positivity) Aquarius – dark purple glitter
Aquamarine (courage) Pisces – light blue glitter
Pearl (sincerity) Aries –luminous white pearl
Emerald (harmony) Taurus – dark green glitter
Diamond (truth) Gemini – holographic glitter
Ruby (energy) Cancer – deep red glitter
Peridot (tranquility) Leo – lime green glitter
Sapphire (wisdom) Virgo – dark blue glitter
Opal (confidence) Libra – translucent pearl glitter
Topaz (strength) Scorpio – yellow-gold glitter
Zircon (compassion) Sagittarius – dark turquoise glitter

Peridot is described as a lime green glitter. It definitely has some gold tones to it. Personally, I feel like it is an antiqued greenish gold. Opal is gorgeous, with its milky base and fiery multi colored flecks. Much like a real opal! I have swatched it alone, but I think it will really pop when layered over a dark shade. I plan on trying it over a blackened teal or navy! I can’t wait to try a few more shades from this collection. The Garnet, Diamond, Sapphire and Zircon are calling my name!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I think that is such a cool idea for a collection. I love the Peridot! I can’t tell about the opal. I may have something similar. I think that’s more difficult to photograph.

  • Kendra Darr

    Looks like these have some great shimmer to them!

  • Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck

    ohhh I love the glitter!!!! that is so right up my alley!! :)

  • Melissa Vaughn Coleman

    Pretty!!! I’m a Libra but my birthstone is a Sapphire because I fall at the end.