RevelationsRX Deep Hydrating Facial Mask & Eye Mask

Thanks to RevelationsRX for sponsoring today’s discussion on skin care!RevelationsRX

My RevelationsRX Deep Hydrating facial mask and Eye Masks for tired, puffy eyes couldn’t have arrived at a better time! The cold weather, wind and indoor heat are wreaking havoc on my skin this year. Not to mention, I’ve been having terrible breakouts and my derm put me on some super strong meds that make me look like a snake shedding its skin. NOT cute. Dry winter skin makes me look washed out, and my complexion dull. What’s a girl to do??RevelationsRX Deep Hydrating Facial Mask and serum rollerRevelationsRX facial serum mask

The first thing I noticed about my RevelationsRX Deep Hydrating masks, is they contain 35ml of serum per mask. That’s equivalent to a full bottle of serum. IN ONE MASK. That’s pretty awesome, amiright?! Each box contains four sheet masks that are naturally derived from coconut fibers. The serum in the mask contains aloe vera to calm inflammation and heal skin, glycerin (humectant), hyaluronic acid to add a powerful moisture boost, and argireline which is derived from natural proteins and relaxes facial muscles to minimize wrinkles that come from repetitive motions. You apply one mask for 45 minutes once a week.

RevelationsRX also includes a 10ml roller bottle with the same serum to use in between sheet masks. The very first mask I used left my skin plump and glowy. It’s extremely soothing and feels cooling as its working it’s magic. I have never had such a great experience with a face mask. I had no negative reaction whatsoever, and my skin is generally pretty finicky!RevelationsRX Tired Eyes

The eye mask is to help combat tired puffy eyes and dark circles. Each eye mask set contains 5ml of eye serum, and RevelationsRX includes a 10ml roller bottle of eye serum to use morning and night. I’m a bit obsessed with this firming and cooling serum which I have been using under my eye cream. The special eye serum contains retinyl palmitate (vitamin a) to boost collagen and elastin production, caffeine to decrease swelling and puffiness, camellia oleifera to restore and rejuvenate and promote smooth, supple skin, and DMAE to soften age lines, minimize inflammation and aid in cell growth.RevelationsRX serum roller bottle

About RevelationsRX: the science behind the mask is derived from wound healing and tissue renewal below the skin’s surface. The patented cell penetrating technology provides nutrients and vitamins deeper in skin targeting special skin concerns and general rejuvenation.
RevelationsRX also has a firming and anti aging face mask and crow’s feet and fine lines eye mask. For a limited time, you can receive $15 off each item in your first order, and get a free sample mask! Use the code LQ02 when checking out. RevelationsRX products are free of parabens, dyes, sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and gluten. I’m also pleased that they are not tested on animals, and made in the US! I’d love to know your experience if you decide to grab a sample.

  • marciaf

    This looks so great. I love that it comes with the serum too.

  • Chelsea

    I want those eye masks AND that roller! I get the darkest circles under my eyes and I’ll try anything to brighten them up!