How to Get A Perfect Faux Tan

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We all know that the best way to maintain a healthy bronze glow is with self tanner. What you may not know, is that how well that faux tan looks and lasts, depends on how well you have prepped your skin beforehand. I test a lot of self tanners, and only recommend my favorites here on daydreaming beauty. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, along with what NOT to dos!
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Beautisol Medium Self Tanning Mousse

My favorite self tanner line by far, is Beautisol. I have tried and love the dark tanning lotion, the Tea Tan Glow, and now the Self Tanning Mousse. Why do I love it so much? It dries super fast, the tan lasts and lasts, and it’s EASY! It’s really quite fool proof with the guide color and fast dry time. Did I mention it also has Beautisol’s Pure Scent Technology? You won’t smell that awful baked self tanned skin smell! It gives a nice deep olive glow. I prefer to apply it with the foam applicator mitt but gloves work well too.


Have you tried Beautisol? What was your favorite product from the Beautisol Sunless Tanner line?


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Beautisol Tea Tan Glow

I have Beautisol self tanning lotions, and LOVE them. I have the dark self tanning body lotion. I had the chance to try the wash off Tea Tan Glow through iFabbo recently. While I have used self tanner forever, and tried most all of them, I have never tried a wash off body bronzer. This product is effortless!! It’s a mousse that dries in a minute(I didn’t believe it either, but it DOES!), is easy to apply/spread and doesn’t smell like baked skin! I hate the baked skin/biscuit smell from most self tanners. Beautisol self tanners don’t have that smell, as they have pure scent technology. The Tea Tan Glow smells fresh like the sunless tanner at first, but the smell is gone when the mousse is dry. I applied my Tea Tan Glow with the Beautisol mitt, which I would highly recommend. It gives a nice smooth application and will prevent your hands from staining.

I have pretty fair skin, and I found that the Tea Tan Glow looked lovely and natural on me. It’s golden olive toned, rather than orange/red so it looks very natural on most skin tones. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as durability during the day. That sounds weird, but realistically, I am a busy Mom and don’t exactly have time in the middle of the day to strip down and reapply my tanner…

I was surprised that the Beautisol Tea Tan didn’t rub off on my clothes at all. It’s not supposed to, but you know…always a skeptic I guess! My tea tan lasted all day and night until I showered. My sensitive skin had no problems with the formula or ingredients. I would highly recommend the Tea Tan Glow, and Beautisol products in general! They are free of parabens, propylene glycol, sodium laureth, lauryl sulfate and do not test on animals. Every product that I have tried from Beautisol has been great quality. I’m super happy with my Beautisol Glow!

Have you tried this brand before? What are your favorite self tanners? I’d love to hear your thoughts, or questions in the comments!

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xo Amber