SuperDuper – A Must Have App for Nail Polish Lovers!

I’d love to introduce you to my new friend, Lizzy Klein, creator of the awesome SuperDuper app! I stumbled on this app recently in the app store, and reached out with a dupe or question (I don’t remember, honestly!). I was delighted that Lizzy is super friendly and loves to talk about her endeavor. Her love for nail polish, and saving us money so we can buy MORE is clear. She loves what she does, and I love her passion for SuperDuper (and nail polish!)

SuperDuper nail polish app


Here’s Lizzie, and more info about SuperDuper!

SuperDuper creator Lizzie Klein

What motivated you to create SuperDuper?

The SuperDuper app you see today is just the beginning: I want SuperDuper to become your digital makeup advisor and eliminate that drawer of “makeup mistakes” we all have. Mine includes a bunch of Chanel lipsticks I never wear, a pile of eyeshadows that various Sephora pros convinced me I could use to execute a smokey eye (I can’t!), and all kinds of drugstore impulse purchases that don’t look good on me. What a waste!

Why did you start with nail polish dupes?

Two reasons: first, if you get professional manis or pedis, you already know that top salons use OPI and Essie, not Chanel or Tom Ford, so it’s easy for you to accept that prices don’t correlate to quality, which is a fundamental SuperDuper belief. Second, there’s a ton of conversation online already about nail polish, so it seemed like a smart place to start.

 How many polishes do you have at SuperDuper?

Over 1000, including the full lines from Chanel, Christian Louboutin, MAC, NARS, Tom Ford, YSL and Christian Dior (next up on the app). It’s like a candy store!

 What’s your favorite dupe?

I love so many of them, and my favorites are the dupes that save the most $$, like Christian Louboutin Louboutin Rouge for Sinful Colors Gogo Girl (for $48 less!!)

 What’s next for SuperDuper?

I’m working on SuperDuper full-time now, so it’s time to turn it into a real business instead of a very expensive experiment. To that end, I’m raising a first round of investment so I can launch on the web and Android, add more product categories, and create a more robust experience that’s closer to the vision of replacing the beauty counter advisor. Stay tuned! 

Do you have any questions for Lizzie about SuperDuper, or nail polish in general? Leave us a comment below! I know who’s work space I want to visit! SO.MUCH.POLISH. <3 <3

You can download SuperDuper on the Apple App store here: Get SuperDuper

Find SuperDuper on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.